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Yahoo is going to buy an American video service Hulu for $ 600 - $ 800 million. The difference in price varies on the conditions of the transaction (for example, whether they include the license rights to the content). Besides Yahoo, Hulu to claim such investment funds and KKR, Guggenheim Digital and Silver Lake Partners, Time Warner Cable, Directv and Chernin Group.

In the new Haswell chip power consumption will be reduced so that laptops and tablets will be able to work up to 50% longer than Ivy Bridge, which should in no way affect the performance of the devices. In standby mode, the fourth generation of Core processors will be up to 20 times more energy efficient.

In the "black list" of sites to block Roskomnadzora accidentally hit the domain of social network "VKontakte". IP-address of the site was blocked May 24, some users of the Far Eastern region because of nude photos of the girls in the shower.

Nextdoor - this is a private social network for mobile association of people living nearby. The application notifies all the events of the region, such as information about garage sales and lodging rooms and so on. In fact service is an analog mobile site Nextdoor.

HP introduced the Envy Rove unusual candy bar 20, which combines the PC and the tablet: a powerful stuffing ensures battery operation of up to four hours, and weighs just over five pounds. Envy Rove 20 is equipped with a 20-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels. With the back of the stand can adjust the position of the device from the classical to the "tablet".

In the popular "cloud" notebooks adds support for reminders. To activate the feature, you need to create a new note, click on the clock icon and specify a reminder time. In addition, reminders can be sent to e-mail, bind to specific notebooks, to share and synchronize reminders between devices.

Twitter-blog @ evleaks posted "spy" photos of the thinnest smartphone Ascend P6 from company Huawei. In the photo is visible 6.2-mm case with a metal lid and a graphical user interface Emotion UI. In the gadget there are no physical buttons on the back of the camera is placed and logo Huawei.

The usual top-end smartphone displays protection from bumps and scratches with glass Gorilla Glass, is not enough, so soon displays of mobile devices will begin to make a sapphire - the hardest natural substance after diamond. This opportunity is already considering Apple. Such rumors "Winged» Corning to upgrade to Gorilla Glass.