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An engineer from the United States, Anyang Kontrektor, the company Systems & Materials Research Corporation, has developed a device that produces edible food of several nutrients. The author believes that in the near future, every kitchen will stand 3D-printer and cartridges with nutrients to create a "food of the future."

In the house of Tom Coates is a lot of things, able to convey various information to the network. For example, the house sends messages to Twitter on turn on or off the dishwasher, washing machine, light, moisture, soil in pots with flowers and so on. All data are broadcast in a special Twitter-account.

18-year-old girl from California, Aisha Khare, has come up with a smartphone battery that is charged in just 20-30 seconds. For his invention girl received 50,000 dollars from the Fund Intel, which provides support for young scientists.

Climber from the UK Daniel Hughes was the first to make a video call from the summit of Mount Everest. Video sharing using a smartphone lasted just under three minutes.

In Google Play final version appeared Opera, which recently completed beta testing of the browser for Android on the engine, WebKit. The main advantage of new items is "high speed" mode Off-Road, which compresses traffic by passing it through proxies Opera. To activate, press the red letter next to the address bar.

The creator of the controller Leap Motion demonstrated the work of your gadget. Using gestures alone, without touching the screen, you can use the search engine to Google, flick through photos, zoom web pages, draw, move application icons and more. The device is compatible with Windows 7, and 8.

Samsung will soon release a smartphone Galaxy S4 variant with improved protection against dust and moisture. Photos of the smartphone with the prefix Active (I9295) "lit up" in a blog GSMArena. The Hardware is almost identical to his twin brother - the same 4-core Snapdragon chip 600 with a clock speed of 1.9 GHz and Adreno 320 graphics.

The exhibition Display Week 2013 in Vancouver, Samsung will introduce a 13.3-inch screen with the highest resolution - 3200 x 1800 pixels. A record number of pixels that fit on the surface of an inch - 276 ppi. With the market launch of a laptop with such a display can be easily eclipse the "retinoic" MacBook Pro (227 ppi), Chromebook Pixel (239 ppi) and KIRA book (2560 x 1400, 221 ppi) of the premium line of Toshiba.

As has been widely reported previously, the law on the abolition of "mobile slavery" that will change the operator, while retaining the phone number should come into force on 1 December 2013. The cost of services is not to exceed $ 100. Under the terms, move number will be possible only after half a year of cooperation with the operator, and in the absence of debt to him.

Because of the threat of hacker movement Anonymous paralyze the operation of the prison, U.S. authorities shut off Wi-Fi at the naval base in Guantanamo Bay (Cuba). Access to social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, as well blocked. Hacktivists decide to support prisoners who are on strike since February.