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Google is going to study artificial intelligence to the application of quantum physics with the space agency NASA. To do this, it has acquired a quantum computer, which will form the base of the laboratory Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (QAUL).

As it turned out, the new smartphone Galaxy S4 of 16 gigabytes of internal memory, users actually assigned only half - 8.5 GB. This fact is explained by the presence of "powerful features" that take up a lot of space (TouchWiz, contactless control functions, multiple shooting modes).

At the conference, I / O gadget testers announced today the possibility to download clients of social services, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, of CNN and fashion magazine Elle. At CNN, for example, users can subscribe to news of certain categories, and even ask for Glass headlines read aloud.

U.S. Internet concern Yahoo targeting the purchase of a blogging platform Tumblr, what hopes to attract a younger audience. The approximate value of the transaction is equal to one billion dollars. Online users registered 108 million Tumblr blogs with a 50-Tew billions of "posts". The number of visits per month - 117 million people.

The robot bartender, developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was recently demonstrated at the conference Google I / O in San Francisco. Makr Shakr, was the name of the robot, expertly mixes drinks three mechanical hands and giving them away with the help of small conveyor belts.

At the conference, Google I / O company announced its Gmail innovation. Now you can make money orders through the mail, but you will need to acquire electronic wallet Google Wallet.

Unusual SlateBook x2 laptop from HP powered by Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean and is able to transform into a tablet. The device has installed the latest quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4, announced in January 2013. Unfastened the keyboard, the device becomes a "pill.

Microsoft was forced to remove the YouTube app for Windows Phone. As it turned out, YouTube for WP-smartphone was created without the knowledge of the Internet giant, and the very reason Google has claims off advertising that violates the terms of use of API.

A new feature in Android-smartphone lets you know that makes its owner - drives a car, goes on foot or riding a bike. Instead of GPS-sensor technology used in accelerometer - a sensor that determines human behavior, coupled with the algorithms of Google.

After 3 years and 8 months, the App Store reached 25 billion downloads, and only 14.5 months it has taken to receive as much again. Lucky, who downloaded this "commemorative" application iTunes gift card will be awarded to 10 thousand dollars.