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People love to host their websites on anonymous hosting solutions because they are untraceable. Ever saw an unsolicited marketing email in your inbox? That is because of your email address that is associated with the hosting solution. Not just that, brute forcing your email address to gain access to the hosting control panel is another reason why anonymous email hosting solutions are in high demand.


In this article, we will discuss these and many more reasons why people are loving anonymous bitcoin hosting solutions.

What is Anonymous Hosting?

Anonymous hosting solution offers you complete protection from information theft. The Internet is filled with hackers, unruly marketers, and cyber criminals who are always looking to get their hands on your data.
In the 21st century, data is the new oil. Your data is not only sold to the highest bidders in the black market but it is also used to gain access to your accounts. That’s how people lose thousands of dollars and fall into petty scams.
The only best solution to all this? An anonymous hosting solution that is fully secure and untraceable.

How to Pay for Anonymous Hosting with Bitcoin?

The best part about anonymous hosting solutions is that you can easily pay for it using bitcoin or any other crypto currency of your choice. In most cases you can also pay with PayPal but that isn’t recommended.
When you pay for your hosting solution through cryptocurrency, you know that the payment is made and none of your details are sent to the other party. This ensures that none of your information is leaked.

Why Buy Bitcoin Anonymous Hosting for Business?

Here are a few reasons businesses love bitcoin hosting or anonymous hosting solutions for their business.

  • The biggest reasons is obviously because they are fully secure and don’t pass data to third parties
  • They make sure that all hosting solutions are properly protected against data theft
  •  They ensure hacking security for the same solutions
  • Bitcoin Anonymous hosting solutions offer the same solutions as another hosting provider
  • They have a pay as you go model where the pricing of each instance depends on the
    number of servers hosted by the company
  • Most anonymous hosting solutions have servers across the world. And, hosting
    solution offers hosting servers in eight different locations

Should You Get Anonymous Hosting for Your Business?

It totally depends on you. If you are someone who is concerned about your privacy and is looking for an alternative solution that can help you stay secure at all times, then the best way to go about it is
 to get a bitcoin based anonymous hosting solution. Anonymous hosting solutions offer many features. Let’s go through them in detail.

1. Pay As You Go
You can pay for only the hosting you use. Let’s say you used 5GB of hosting on the server for 1 hour per day. That will be 30 hours during the whole month. You will just pay for that and nothing else. That is the pay as you go model and it decreases your cost and improves your hosting performance.

2. Simple Registration
The best part about anonymous hosting solutions is that they are fairly easy to register. That is because you don’t have to add your KYC information, personal data, and anything else. You just have to sign up on the domain/hosting solution and pay through your crypto currency. That is it. You will be able to get the hosting solution that you want.

3. Complete Anonymity
The best part about anonymous bitcoin hosting solutions is that they offer complete anonymity to you. Whether you are launching a website against a government, or you are trying to work on a secret project that your competitors can copy, with a crypto hosting solution, you will remain anonymous. It is just like launching an onion website on the dark web. Except, this is on the original internet and people can’t know who you are.

4. Domain and Privacy Protection
Each domain registered to a person has public information available. This means that anyone who has access to database can get the information. With privacy protection, you are eligible to remain anonymous online. Most hosting solutions offer this privacy protection for a price of $12 per year. However, with an anonymous bitcoin hosting solution, you can protect your information for free.

Why Are VPS Servers Better for Anonymous Hosting?

VPS servers are faster, trusted, more reliable, and have better storage than shared hosting solutions. They can easily host more websites, and they are performance-focused. What this means is that anyone who is looking to launch their website(s) would be looking for VPS servers.

Ready to Launch Your Anonymous Hosting?

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