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For avid gamers have come up with a fancy gadget. It is mounted on the head hoop with four electrodes. Due to electrical impulses, which he sends to the brain player, improving response and other qualities required for winning. The method completely painless, as current on the electrodes is less than 2 mA.

All of the traditional dating sites bring people with the same interests, in the things that they like. New startup YouLike acts differently. When registering users answer a series of questions - "love", "love", "do not like" or "hate." All questions are designed just for the beginning of the relationship - the attitude to cooking, shopping, early awakenings.

Instead of the failed Nexus Q, Google is now testing a new device for "streaming" broadcast media - a media player H2G2-42 is capable of connecting to the networks of Wi-Fi. Details about the device have not been disclosed.

German scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute (FIIS) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) set a record by deploying a wireless network with a transmission rate of 40 gigabits of data per second within a kilometer. Such an achievement would make high-speed Internet access available in the most remote corners of the planet and reduce the cost of installation of fiber optic networks.

Expected "Planshetofon" Galaxy Note III will be made of the same materials as the smartphone Galaxy S4. But contrary to rumors body does not get metal edging and flexible AMOLED-display. As a result, an updated "planshetofon" will receive an eight-chip Exynos Octa (4-core Cortex A15 processor with a clock frequency of 1.9 GHz and 1.6-GHz Cortex A7 with the same number of cores), the main 13-megapixel camera, 3 GB of RAM and 5.99-inch Full HD screen .

According to a former employee of Google Barney Jones, who worked there from 2002 to 2006, the Internet company "immoral" tax evaders and even came up with an elaborate scheme to avoid payment. For example, the conclusion of all major advertising transactions took place not in London and Dublin (Ireland), where the corporate income tax is almost twice lower than in the UK (12.5% vs. 23%).

In March, the monthly audience YouTube has exceeded a billion unique users, having caught up with Facebook. Social network also reached this level in October 2012. And by January 2013th number of users of the site has increased to 1.06 billion users online YouTube every minute "poured" on the site videos totaling more than 100 hours.

In the instant messenger from Google Hangouts many users wanted the implementation of the possibility of sending SMS, and the company has promised to fulfill these requests in the near future. Hangouts - a universal means of communication, in lieu of all other services, lacking only sms. Apparently, Google had planned from the outset to add application support for SMS.

Japan has released a powerful smartphone Medias X N-06E, unusual in that not only has a very powerful stuffing and interesting design, but uses liquid cooling system, as in the laptops. Because of the high performance processors in modern mobile phones smartphones often very hot, especially in 3D-games and other heavy duty applications.

Google offers pre-order from 10 June to the flagship "Google phone" Nexus 4 in white. The device is equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro (clock frequency - 1.5 GHz), Adreno 320 graphics, 2GB of RAM, internal storage of 16 GB, and 8-megapixel camera.