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It is particularly important to deal openly with erectile dysfunction as a couple. Erectile dysfunction, which is supposed to be taboo, often causes a lot of guilt and tension in the relationship:


"He" no longer feels masculine enough and is ashamed of his "weakness". He/she fears that his/her partner will leave him/her for another, more powerful partner.

"He/She" notices that his/her partner is becoming more withdrawn and refuses to talk or have physical contact. As a result, he/she doubts his/her attractiveness, his/her relationship in general and blames himself/herself for doing something wrong.

Why listening is not golden ...

Men most often think they have to solve problems on their own, so they refuse to talk openly with their partner. However, not talking and keeping the topic taboo is not very effective. Because this only leads to frustration and disappointment on both sides, and the couple misses the chance to make the relationship whole again for both of them. On the one hand, good therapeutic options are now available, so the outlook is not so bleak. On the other hand, couples who can openly discuss each other's wishes, expectations and needs usually find a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

We have put together some tips to help you talk as a couple:

    • Clarify beforehand what space sexuality occupies/should occupy in your life. Find out about the causes and treatment options. Think about what your wants and needs are during sex and whether you would like to try new/different ways - Ask your partner to talk to you and if necessary make an appointment. Make it clear to your partner that you want to find a good solution together.

    • Choose a place where you both feel comfortable and where you can talk without distraction or time pressure.

    • Talk about how you feel and what is missing from your relationship, as specifically as possible. Talk about your sexual needs, such as how important an erection is to a satisfying sex life and whether there are other ways to have sex other than intercourse. If something is not well understood, check it out. Avoid trivialising erectile dysfunction.

    • It may be helpful to repeat what the other person has said in their own words and take turns speaking (e.g. 10 minutes of talking time for each person in turn).

If you find that you are stuck in conversation, consider seeking professional help from a sex therapist. These are usually psychotherapists who specialise in sex therapy. Specialist can advise even some ED generics like Viagra or Kamagra, wildly popular since Pfizer introduction of Viagra in 1990.  In 2017, it was the 217th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than two million prescriptions.

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